Near Space -The YOTA Project

Exploring Near Space through project based learning

This is a Fun High Altitude Balloon project is specifically adapted for YOTA to be in the form of a competition.

This project will teach students how to do a proper science project while you build a small miniaturized satellite and plan for launch day. Students will learn Digital electronics; Micro Controller Programming; Radio Communications; Study science and a lot more. The student will get hands-on practical experience and most of all the learning’s will contribute to the student’s adventure experience.  We will provide you with a program to follow but you are welcome to add to it as long as you stay within the rules of the project.

How to participate

1. The 2018 YOTA Summer Camp participants will take part in the project there will be 5 payloads that can go with a balloon.

2. Participants will be split int 5 multi cultural teams competing agents each other .

3. You will select a team leader and the BACAR organizers will mentor the team.

4. You will need to stay within the rules and target dates to stay part of the project.

Curriculum ( about 20 to 30 Hours)

Prier to the 2018 YOTA Summer Camp you will need to do the following preparations:

(Reading material for the long Flight to South Africa):

Equipment that Participants / Teams must provide for them self’s

  • Laptop with Office package
  • Launch on Saturday, monitor at Basestation
  • Arrow type antenna
  • SDR setup on a coputer/laptop

2018 YOTA Summer Camp 1/2 day preparation for flight.

  • Introduction to BACAR
  • Setup teams
  • Receive rules and assignments
  • Test WBT flight computers
  • Assemble BACARSats
  • Construction of Space frame
  • Assemble a chase team/s ( Local Radio amateurs and YOTA teams)
    • Selected YOTA Team members will travel withe chase team/s
    • Tracking equipment i.e. Tablet to access or HABHub
    • Additional tracking equipment i.e. Laptop with SDR setup and antenna
  • Attend Launch on Saturday 11 August 2018
  • Analyse end results and present it to judging panel


1. This is a Yota competition between teams it is project-based learning and fun event

2. Registration of teams must not be later than 9 August 2018

3. Progress on the teams project need to be send in as specified on the program

4. No live animals or insects are allowed on your payload

5. The completed payload / Balloon Sat mass cannot exceed 500g maximum

6. The payload / Balloon Sat must fit in a 10cm x 10cm x 10cm cube

7. Isolation and protection material can be placed around the cube mention in rule 6 but

not exceed 14cm x 14cm x 14 cm

8. If you add data communication between your payload and your ground teams you will

have to get frequency clearance from the Secunda Radio Amateur Club so that it can go into

the band plan for launch day.

The payload / Balloon Sat can be powered by a battery, capacitor, fuel cell and / or solar

panels. It must be possible for the systems to run for four continuous hours.

Have Fun

9-11/08/2018 YOTA BalloonSat Program.

Files and data logged

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YOTA 2018 Presentation -By Willie Taljaard ZS6WBT

Raw data from Log files. ( Click on team name to open data )


Leopard Team

Buffalo Team

Elephant Team

Rhino Team

Lion Team