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The Team

The BACAR team consist of all active members of the Secunda Armateur Radio Club with a core team of: Christo Kriek (ZU6LJK) as project leader and logistics (chase team whit Willie); Gert Botha (ZS6GC) on procurement, master chase team leader with Elna (SZ6EB); Cor Rademeier (ZS6CR) flight shuttle specialist (Ground station and weather Specialist); Willie Taljaard (ZS6WBT) Schools program and WBT BalloonSat development (Ground station team whit Christo).

The team have been working together since 2012 we have lots of experiences in a variety of aspects of radio amateur work and electronics. We are launching every year a balloon since 2013. We learned out of our mistakes to become stronger in what we do with every launch. The teams strengths is in there Common Goal and values of Respect, Trust and Camaraderie. With a No – Blaming culture were everyone take responsibility and pride in their work.


Reaching new Heights

It is not always about heights but it is good to see the stats.

Year                     Altitude

2021                    ?? Km

2019                    26.1 Km

2018                    26 Km

2017                    31 Km

2016                    30 Km

2015                    28 Km

2014                    29 Km

2013                    12 Km

Teams participating

The number of teams and schools taking part in the flight.

Year                     Teams


2019                    7

2018                    9

2017                    6

2016                    5

2015                    6

2014                    5

2013                    1

Amount of payloads

The amount of payloads send to near space.

Year                Payload’s


2019                   10

2018                   14

2017                    9

2016                    9

2015                    7

2014                    5

2013                    1

Our vision


Learn while having  Fun experiments


Get a science project into near space


Put the theory you learn in your career to practice

Team work

The team perform with no supervision only with the same goal in mind

Our Mission

Teams without formal leaders is more successful than other, our commitment is your pride while  we use our passion for our hobby to learn and let others learn. We turn unsuccessful in successful and never give up.

My beautiful picture
My beautiful picture